Born in Washington DC.
Lived in New York, Los Angeles, Wyoming, Virginia, Dublin, Okinawa, & Panama.

Been to Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, China, Cyprus, Czec Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Greek Isles, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Mexico, Okinawa, Panama, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Vatican City.. About 39 of the States.

Currently in London, UK.


2011 PostGraduate Degree, Central Saint Martins, Byam Shaw School,, Fine Art. [London, UK]
2007 BFA, New York University, Tisch School for the Arts, Film & Television. [New York, NY]
2003 - 2004 Foundation, Pratt Institute. [Brooklyn, NY]
Dec 10 “Mementos” - London Miles Gallery [London, UK]
July 10 "I Have Plagiarized." AC Institute [New York, NY]
March 08
"Biorhythms" - Tryst Gallery [Washington D.C.]
Apr 11 - May 11 "2011 Sony World Photography Awards" - Somerset House[London, UK]
Mar 11 "Politics & Power" - SU Gallery at LCC [London, UK]
Mar 11 "Lapptopp Barometer" - Concourse Gallery [London, UK]
Mar 11 "Bank of Knowledge" - Parlour Gallery [London, UK]
Feb 11 "Pataphors" - Islington Arts Factory [London, UK]
Jan 11 "Beware of Beauty" - Concourse Gallery [London, UK]
Dec 10 "Civil Notions" - 272 Gallery[London, UK]
Nov 10 “Instructions for Initial Conditions” - Drift Station Gallery [Lincoln, NB]
July 10 "Moscow Bienniale" - Moscow Museum of Modern Art [Moscow, Russia]
Jan 10 "Instant Gratification" - Copro Gallery [Santa Monica, CA]
Dec 09 "Variety" - Twin Rivers Modern Gallery [Big Timber, MT]
Oct 09 "Bangladesh Art Fair 2009" - National Art Gallery of Bangladesh [Dhaka, Bangladesh]
Aug 09 "Instant Gratification" - Hibbleton Gallery w/ ISM Magazine [Fullerton, CA]
July 09 "Centralism" - Gallery 25 [Fresno, CA]
Jan 09 "Local Fair" - Los Angeles Municipal Gallery [Los Angeles, CA]
Sept 08 "Connected" - G2 Gallery [Venice, CA]
April 08
"Possum Saloon" - The Regent [Los Angeles, CA]
Feb 08 - May 08
"Masculine Style" - Museum of Fashion and Textiles [London, UK]
2012 2011 New Master Artist, New Masters[Netherlands]
2011 Short-List Winner, Bar Tur Awards [London, UK]
2011 Commendation, Sony World Photography Awards [London, UK]
2010 Arte Creative Residency, ARTE G.E.I.E. [France]
2010 Summer Residency, Cyprus College of Art [Larnaca, Cyprus]
2009 Artist in Residence, Taide & Design [Finland]
Apr 11 2011 Sony World Photography Awards Winner’s Book [London, UK]
Feb 11 "'Pataphors at Islington Arts Factory" Spoonfed, George Binning, 14 Feb. 2011.
Nov 10 "Instructions for Initial Conditions Catalog." - Drift Station Gallery [Lincoln, NB]
Dec 10 "Moscow Bienniale Catalog" - by Moscow Museum of Modern Art [Moscow, Russia]
Dec 10 "Framingham Heart" Feature. Less Common More Sense Magazine [London, UK]
Nov 10 Polaroids. Instant Gratification: Polaroid Book - by Kevin Staniec [USA]
Dec 09 Artist Feature. Artisphere Magazine, Fall 09 Edition [Germany]
Oct 09 "Industrial Love" Feature. Taide & Design Magazine, Issue #2 [Finland]
2011 - Now Executive Editor, Pen & Image [London, UK]
2011 - Now Principal Photographer, Image First [London, UK]
2008 - 2010 Photography and Imaging Director, Creative Age Publications. [Van Nuys, CA]