This project studies the hypothetical beauty of perfection. I reference the
study results of “Facial Analysis” (Dept of Otolaryngology, UTMB) as a
guideline towards creating 30 portraits of individuals between the ages of
18 – 24 that are manipulated to appear as the ideal standard of
measurement; therefore should be ultimately beautiful. Within this group,
I have included an unedited self-portrait, showing my implicit imperfections.
The manipulations to the mass of beautiful people appear to be somewhat
off, but not necessarily discernible. There is an unnatural oddness that
occurs when a face is entirely even. As Haridas Chaudhuri said, “The greater
the emphasis on perfection, the further it recedes.” In contrast with the mass
amount of ideal faces, mine stands out as being more natural and realistic;
the imperfections defining my identity.

The title of the piece is references “imperfection amongst perfection;” stating
that my imperfect self-portrait resides along with the perfect faces. In
appending imperfect to “im,” it further hints towards “I’m = I am amongst
perfection,” also disassociating myself entirely with the scientific view of perfection.

[This series is displayed as grid of 30 portraits, 50x60]


  At Gallery 25; July 2009. #4 #20 #29 #6