In this series we see ecstatic young children viewing headless animals at the zoo.

This is a creation based on the conclusion of Martha Farah's study of Facial
Recognition. She identified "part representation," which is responsible for recognizing
printed words, objects, and is not needed for facial recognition because it is considered
configurational-holistic (whereas objects are featural). In addition, humans are capable
of correctly recognizing faces at seven months, and reach an adult level of recognition
at age 10.

By removing the animals heads; I have destroyed the ability for the children to properly
identify the animal. Finally, The animals chosen have memorable features that are namely
part of their heads (giraffe's long necks, bighorn sheep's horns, etc).

  Bighorned Sheep, Ovis canadensis. 2009. Gazelle, Gazella dama. 2009. Zebra, Equus Quagga. 2009. Gorilla. 2009. Gopher, Thomomys Townsendii. 2009. Giraffe, Giraffa camelopardalis. 2009. Snapping Turtle, Elseya Dentata. 2009. Polar Bear, Ursus Maritimus. 2009.